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Community Built

Your Cheboygan: From Issues to Ideas to Action


This unique website presents an open call to residents of Cheboygan County to provide input which will influence the decisions about how you want your community to look, develop and feel.  It will give you the opportunity to offer your ideas and let others comment on them, and then together we can offer information on which officials can act.


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SENSE OF PLACE - What slogan or tagline should be used on a billboard to promote Cheboygan County?

Give us your ideas on how you would describe the great qualities of Cheboygan County.  What short phrase gets the message across to somone who has never been here?


How do you enjoy the Trails in Cheboygan County?

Tell us about your experiences on the trails of our county.


Where is Broadband (high-speed Internet) needed in Cheboygan County?

Show us where there is demand for Broadband in Cheboygan County.


Tell us where your favorite place is in Cheboygan County and why you like it.


Trivia about Cheboygan County - Land Area

Learn a little more about this great county. You might be surprised what you learn.  This will be update monthly with new trivia.



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